When Digital Extremes says “soon,” they sure do mean it. Operation: Orphix Venom is already out on PC after a mere few days warning, and that means it’s time for Tenno to load up their Necramechs to fight off an incursion of Sentients.The crux of the Operation is fighting off the Sentient Orphix, a poisonous creature that sends out pulses that disable your Warframe. The only way to kill it is with the help of a Necramech. If you’ve already acquired your Necramechs from Deimos, then you’re well prepared. If not, there are Necramechs available in the Operation, but they’re unmodded and therefore somewhat lacking in firepower. You’ll probably be fine taking on Easy missions, but Medium and Hard missions will be far more difficult without a Necramech of your own. 

Operation: Orphix Venom
via Digital Extremes

Each mission tier is pure survival. Keep taking out sentients and keep the Sentient Control meter below 100%. Last long enough to earn Phasic Cells and then head to Deimos to see Father, who’s got a list of new goodies for you.

You’ll want to purchase Lavos Blueprints first. He’s the new Warframe added with this event, and he’ll only be available until the event ends on January 18th. An alchemy-themed Warframe, Lavos lets you combine elemental damage to make his abilities even stronger and better-suited to whatever enemy Lavos is fighting.

Lavos’s shotgun, the Cedo, is also available from Father, as well as all the stuff you might have missed from the previous Scarlet Spear event, including the Ceti Lacera and Basmu blueprints. And if you’ve got a Necramech you’d like to spruce up, the new Nruntspar Skin will get rid of that skull-face in favor of something a little more robotic.

In order to access Operation: Orphix Venom you’ll need to have completed Heart of Deimos and The War Within quests. Keep in mind this is a limited-time-only event, so make sure you get everything you want from it before it’s gone on January 18. Console players will have to be patient for Operation: Orphix Venom to arrive later