God of War got a remaster while the first three Uncharted games were ported to the PS4, but that was where it ended. However, Michael Mumbauer, a former head at Sony San Diego Studio, revealed that he had considered a remaster for both Uncharted 1 and God of War with modern graphics. 

Mumbauer had put together a team at Sony San Diego to work on these remasters. When asked about it, he said, “Remakes and remasters were the things I was chasing after. So that’s why the dev team was built. What I can tell you is that’s what I was chasing because I believed that there was value in doing something like a remake of God of War at the visual fidelity of today. Or, a remake of Uncharted 1.”

However, Mumbauer is no longer working at the studio. That being said, the team in question still exists and is, to this day, working on an unannounced title. Whether this is in the vein of Mumbauer’s original vision is unknown – it could be that they are working on a new IP, a sequel to an existing game, or sticking to their roots and remastering a classic.

With Bluepoint seemingly being the ones that Sony is using to head up remasters of their beloved IPs, whether that’s Demon’s Souls or Shadows of the Colossus, it’s unknown whether this new team will continue in that vein.

However, as Sony is trying to bring more of their classics to the modern-day, so much so that they launched the PS5 itself with Demon’s Souls, perhaps two teams are necessary and they are indeed working on Uncharted and/or God of War.

Until any announcements are made, the title that the team is working on will be up for speculation. If it turns out to be a remaster in the style of Demon’s Souls for a mainstream, modern classic such as Uncharted, hopefully, its sequels will follow suit.