One Streamer Gets Creative To Stream Guitar Hero Without DMCA Strikes

One streamer has managed to find a way around Twitch’s DMCA issues so that they can keep playing Guitar Hero.

A Guitar Hero streamer has had to go to pretty extreme measures in order to avoid breaking any DMCA rules on Twitch.

Game streamers on Twitch have been dealing with a tricky situation recently. Trying to stream their content without breaking any DMCA rules. That effectively means not including music that isn’t copyrighted. Twitch claims to have been hit with a litany of DMCA notifications which resulted in the service removing a lot of content, some from months and even years ago.
Twitch neglected to explain what was going on at first as streamers questioned why large chunks of their VOD content had disappeared. It eventually explained why steps were taken, but hasn’t offered up much in the way of a solution. It’s only real advice to streamers thus far has been to mute the game’s audio. Not really an option in many cases.
Take games in which music is the main focus, for example. The likes of Rock Band or Just Dance. Watching streamers play those games without being able to hear the music would be pretty pointless. Unless you’re Guitar Hero streamer Jason Paradise. Paradise returned to the streaming scene after an extended hiatus and wanted to make sure he doesn’t run the risk of a DMCA strike.

You can see how he is managing to do that in the video clip above. Paradise is playing Children Of Bodom’s If You Want Peace, Prepare For War. The only reason we know that is because he says so in the comments. Paradise has taken Twitch’s advice and muted the game’s audio. However, rather than play the music-based game in dead silence, he has added some of his own sound effects.

Those sound effects come in the form of gibberish and alien-like sounds from Paradise himself. As we said, if he hadn’t clarified which song it is he’s playing, we would never have known what it was. That doesn’t make the clip any less entertaining, though. Paradise isn’t the first to do something like this. Jambo has been streaming Skyrim muted but with her own sound effects, making for some pretty amusing viewing.